Parents’ Satisfaction with Antibiotics Prescription for Under 5 children in Family Health Facilities in Alexandria

Bothaina S. Deghedi, Noha S.A. Moustafa, Manal M.A. Meky


Background: Improving antibiotic use is a public health imperative. One of the most important reported factors influencing inappropriate antibiotic prescription is patients’ insistence on prescribing antibiotic.

Objective (s): The aim of present study was to assess parents’ satisfaction with antibiotics prescription for under 5 children in family health facilities in Alexandria governorate.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in four randomly selected family health facilities on a sample of 126 parents of under 5 children by using an interview questionnaire.

Results & Conclusion: The results revealed that most of the parents (96.8%) were satisfied with the overall offered services to their sick children in the family health facilities and 98.6% would comply with the family physicians management, even if antibiotics were not prescribed, whereas the rest would seek a second medical advice at a private health facility.

 Keywords: Antibiotics, parents’ satisfaction, under 5 children

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